Call for Presenters

Thanks for your interest in presenting at MCEL 2019!

CALL FOR CLINIC SESSIONS - Submissions will be accepted until 5:00 pm, April 30, 2019

It is time to prepare for the Montana Conference of Education Leadership (MCEL) 2019. This year’s MCEL will be held in Billings, MT at the DoubleTree & Northern Hotel on October 16-18, 2019. MCEL is attended by over 700 school administrators, trustees, business managers/clerks, county superintendent and other educators who take pride in our Montana schools.

Governed by Elected Trustees
Responsive to the needs of each Community
Excellent, Efficient, Equitable, and Empowered
Adapting and Innovating to Advance Student Achievement for Each Child in Montana's Public Schools
Trusted through Transparency and Openness

The theme for this year’s MCEL is:
“Each Child, Every School”

All presentation requests will be reviewed for educational content. No presentations will be accepted if deemed to be sales or product pitches.

In order to fill out the form, the following must be provided:

1. Outline or presentation (in pdf format only; save as titleofpresentation.pdf)
2. Bio of all presenters (in pdf format only – if more than one presenter, upload separately; save as firstlastname.pdf)
3. Photo of all presenters (in jpeg only – if more than one presenter, upload separately; save as firstlastname.jpeg)

You will be notified by email of your acceptance or rejection to present.

Submissions will be accepted until 5:00 p.m., April 30, 2019.

Contact Gary Wagner at with any questions. 

 Click here for the Call for Presenters form

If you can't access the GoogleDoc form - Please click here for the form. Please scan completed form or provide information requested, and email to Gary at Thank you.